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It surprises a lot of people out here that I like living in such a tiny place. I’m originally from Dallas, which is… not small, albeit amusingly interbred. Seriously. Six degrees of separation? More like 2-3 at most.

But here, in a place that has 0.15% of Dallas’ population, I seriously feel most at home. I nod politely to people who I don’t really know, there’s gorgeous scenery to be seen, and good schools (though I roll my eyes at people fixating on the quality of a school a bit, not gonna lie).

And of course, with the Pokémon Go addiction, it means I actually get out in it now. One of my favourite places to go is down by the river. Because it’s a freaking river. Rivers are awesome. And there’s also a Pokéstop there, and there’s 4G, so it’s a good place to camp out. I ended up stopping en route at my friend Emma’s house to drag her along, which she was completely on board with. I love that I can do that; it’s been a very long time since I lived close enough to a friend to do that (like, elementary school long ago).

I might’ve overdone it today though. I was feeling a bit wobbly and dizzy earlier, but that was probably also in part to not taking enough stops en route back home. Really, I need to fish one of the hiking poles out of the car to help me get my hobble on. There’s no shame in it, you know?

Anyways, I apparently can’t focus on making words for anything today, so I’m off.


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