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I have to say, I love the camera on my new phone. The pictures are crisper and cleaner, and make the most of ambient light. I took this earlier on a postbox run, with the sky overcast and spitting. I caught it when it wasn’t rain-raining, so that was nice. We even had -a- rumble of thunder, so like… it’s cold and wet, but at least it feels a wee bit like ‘home’ with the noise.

Past that, it’s a long weekend! Woo! Best way to top off the first ‘week’ back to work from holiday, ha ha. I’m hoping that I might finish the sock I’m on. I’m also making things for my shop. I’m gonna be blasting through all the jump rings I bought pretty quickly… but the price was good and I will happily buy more. I’m also planning on spending some of my me-money to get some tools, namely a few mandrels, a little jewellery saw… maybe some other ‘proper’ jewellery tools. Definitely one of the larger mandels though, so I can make myself bigger sized jump rings to work with.

Right! Gonna go… something something. Knitting, hopefully. I had to take some pain meds ’cause I’d gone pinchynerve, but I thiiiiink it’s sorted itself out. I think.


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