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Z picked up some lovely steaks for dinner. He does it r-r-right, to include the onions and mushrooms. The girls might not care for the latter, but we’re all about it. And it was the perfect quantity, leaving me feeling full without feeling overfull. Bliss.

I realised at some point in the past 36 hours that I am running a low grade cold. Which is to say, I’m feeling more run down than usual… and I’m always run down, ha ha. But it meant that I managed to drag myself through a bath, which yeah… definitely needed. I also finished the pair of socks I was doing, and started on the next one. This pair is for Smalls, and the wool pattern is called ‘Texmex print’. It’s orange, which is her favourite colour, and it’s ‘Texan’, a part of herself that she heartily embraces without thinking about what it means or doesn’t mean. It’s cute. I’m hoping that she doesn’t realise they’re for her until I finish them… we’ll see.

Right, gonna go do the things!


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