Accidentally Clever

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I was working on my sock earlier, when I realised that my nail polish matches the sandy gold bits in the sock wool. I’ve made good progress since this photo — about two inches, and have moved on to the heel flap. It would be awesome to get the rest of the way through the heel tonight, but we’ll see.

In other knitting news, the hats were finally delivered to the intended recipients, R and A. They love them! And, bonus, the colour super suits. I picked based on what I thought R would like (bright and colourful), so I guess that’s another thing that’s making me feel accidentally clever. 🙂

Also clever is that my Shittonne of Nail Polish (probably part 1) will be delivered tomorrow! Adina dropped me an email with the tracking, so I look forward to rolling around in a pile of tiny bottles (kidding, kidding). I also found a few other UK polish sellers, and well… a-england really does shine above the rest. I keep meaning to give other people money, but I haven’t found anything that has really called me yet. I should probably try to pay attention to Polish Pickup as well, but like… too much choice? Still, I would enjoy finding a good orange. I don’t have a quality decent orange, and I have a child who loves her orange.

Anyhoos, back to my yarn.


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