The Reason for the Season…

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… is me getting tonnes of books, obviously. >__> Well okay, really it’s about making a nice day for the kids, and they certainly had that. And y’all, they are such amazing people. They were up early, but didn’t get us up. They didn’t hurry us once we were down (though Smalls did go fetch my breakfast to expedite things slightly, ha ha). We got around to unwrapping presents closer to 10, and I think everyone was quite happy with that, and what they received. I always say that my real gift is Z’s dedication of time and effort into buying my books for the next year, and I think this stack is an excellent demonstration of such. šŸ™‚

That’s the main thing, really. I’m going to go curl up and unpeople now that the girls are in bed. Hope y’all all had a great day.


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