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He’s a bit hidden in the hedge, but this is a picture of Raven watching Tyson. Being a cat, Tyson started wandering off from plain sight the second he realised he was being observed. Speaking of plain sight, I spotted a flea on Vivi’s face. I am not best pleased, as that could have only been picked up at the… Read more »


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Z and I were chatting around lunchtime while he was reconciling the monthly family spending money spreadsheet. He’d commented we had X amount in Tesco vouchers, and I’m like… yo, let’s go. We have some birthday shopping to do, we can reward ourselves with some Subway, and off we went. It was my first time specifically going out to do… Read more »

Double Trouble

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I was getting set up to photograph the latest batch of pendants, when Vivi hopped up on the desk. Fine, Vivi and I have just about gotten a balance going. Then Raven piled on. Which means I ended up having at least one photo with a cat head in it, but thankfully, it didn’t mess up my lighting and was… Read more »

Party Cat

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I put the Cone of Shame on Vivi like it was a lampshade, because why not. He glared briefly, and then went back to sleep. Honestly, not sure I’ve ever met a chiller boi. 😀 Speaking of chill, one of my besties was helping me out hardcore today. I had found a bit of code that was close to doing… Read more »

No Chill, All Chill

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I noticed this earlier and made everyone stop and look. Yes Raven, you are sitting on your brother’s head. Yes Vivi, you are completely unfazed (though he did give a tiny glare afterwards). They’re currently both napping back there again, because it’s the safest part of the house. We have Smaller’s bestie and parents over for a family-to-family playdate, and… Read more »