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He’s a bit hidden in the hedge, but this is a picture of Raven watching Tyson. Being a cat, Tyson started wandering off from plain sight the second he realised he was being observed.

Speaking of plain sight, I spotted a flea on Vivi’s face. I am not best pleased, as that could have only been picked up at the vet’s office. So yeah, a round of flea collars for all three of them inbound for tomorrow. I’ve only seen -a- flea at a time on Vivs, so it could hilariously just be one making the rounds. I keep going over to check his tum, as that sort of thing stand out well against the white. And he’s just such a lump of a cat that he’ll take the tumpets forever, so win win.

Right, back to various and sundry chore-y things.


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