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Yup, it’s Vivi again. Z took this picture this morning because we were both out cold, and he thought it was cute. He loves to curl up on me in the morning, and the fact it takes me ages to get out of bed means that he almost always gets some amount of snuggles. Lil butt. *laughs* If only I could talk one of them into tucking me in like Batman used to do, but I’m not going to snub what I am gifted either. Vivi is a great cuddler, and I know he’s still a kitten yet, he doesn’t put weight on my person in awkward ways. Obvs, that could change, but I delight in the now for now.

Nothing much on the books today. Work happened. Made a gemstone pillow for Smalls; I needed something to keep my hands busy during the virtual parent/teacher conferences, and that served nicely. Also, Smalls got rave reviews from all their teachers, so well done kiddo.

What else… just trying to be mindful of potential vertigo, and being careful how I move my head. This is getting old, but yanno, it is what it is for now.


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