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I am sitting here with my milk and the Oreos and like… they’re all going in my face, not gonna lie or apologise. They’re Oreos, and they’re mint, which means this is a date with destiny! I’ve been meaning to bust them out since we bought them… last week? Week before? Some unreasonable amount of time to neglect poor Oreos, to say the least. But as they’re sort of my dinner… *giggles*

You see, the in-laws happily took the girls for a few hours this afternoon. That included feeding them, so Z and I have been foraging. I had some popcorn from my Graze box, and half a cantaloupe, and I’m still hungry now so this is apparently what I’m cramming in my face. Is it ‘healthy’? Yeah, I’ve got to say that I emphatically do not give a fuck. 😀

Who You Gonna Call?

We decided we’d finally get around to watching the new Ghostbusters movie today. I’ve got to say, it was perfectly in line with the original two, and that if anyone was getting bent out of shape by the ‘gimmick’ of casting women… well, I feel sorry for their fragile egos. We all rather liked it, and Smallhausen was definitely charmed by there being female Ghostbusters. I asked her if she wanted to be one when she grew up, but announced it was too dangerous a job for her. Fair enough kiddo, fair enough!

Right, my brain is all fuzz, so I’m off.


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