A Lovely Day

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img_20161002_192935150_hdrToday we had the Fs around, now with less accidental drama. *chuckles* The kids played together well, and the closest thing to an incident is that Littlerbit apparently turned on the outside tap. We figured it out fairly quickly though, and before they could flood the yard or drown themselves.

We were also watching the Tottenham versus Manchester City match, which was a good time. We’re a Tottenham family because that’s what Z supported before I got here, and the rest of us sort of fell in line. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first, but then like… it’s a sport we have both payed in the past; it’s not the armchair quarterback sort of syndrome. It’s on and we’re doing our own thing, looking up occasionally to catch bits of action. In short, it meets my need for background noise admirably, and yanno, it’s fun to cheer for someone.

img_20161002_192944165It’s also fun to think about what to knit next, especially since I’m getting caught up. That’s why the toy kit — I’m going to do a small knit in the nearest future, and then something else. I’ve started to do some basic research for formulaic sweater recipes that I can scale and use for a family set. I’ve also been looking to get an idea of how much wool it would take to knit up a blanket on these 20mm sexies. I love the idea of doing some full-sized knit blankets with them, though not quite to the ridiculous awesomeness of using wool roving. No, just something using super-chunky/bulky, cheap and cheerful. I’d be half-tempted to go back to Beales to see if there was anything remaining to raid in the clearance sale. This pattern suggests that I could probably do it with like, £11 of Hayfield Bonus Super-Chunky, so I might well see about authorising a spend soon to get some to make a blanket with. Of course, most sites have free delivery at £25 or more… *whistles*

Anyhoos, I’m going to get back to knitting. I blew part of my word load at The Scarlet B earlier today, so yanno, brain is empty.


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