It’s the Least Wonderful Time of the Year

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lrfcbmtzAt the end of last week, we had the worst, but most expected text message of any new school year — someone in the class has head lice.


So of course, that means checking the girls. And, of course, both seem to have a few bits of grodity. Sigh. I’m sort of relieved though, because seeing something means I can do something. And because this time we caught it early enough that it should be done and dusted in a day or two (though I’ll comb for the next week just to make VERY sure). I’m just terrified because I’m really, really susceptible to it, and my hair is a couple of feet long. Like, 32 inches long. I didn’t catch it last time, and I probably won’t catch it this time either, but still. I’ve combed everyone else and Z is trying to peek through mine right now, so hopefully I can convince myself that all is well and have a good night’s sleep. In the guest bed. Z and Littlerbit have folded out the couch until we can get all the bedding through tomorrow. The joys of parenthood, neh?


Fake Fakety Fake

Y’all will remember that we got a Pokéwalker a few weeks ago. I’ve been frustrated because I couldn’t get it to work, so I asked Z to give it a try. What we found out instead is that the HeartGold cartridge is probably a fake. That would explain why it wouldn’t connect (no IR chip), and why it was constantly crashing out. So I guess I’m once again on the hunt for an authentic copy of that, and SoulSilver as well. It’s just that the price on them has gone through the roof… scarcity, I guess? :/

There were other things that I was thinking about writing on, but that can wait until a time when I’m not climbing the walls because of lice. Later!


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