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I’ve been taken a lot of pictures on accident lately. That, or Littlerbit is a bigger ninja than I realised. I found this one on my phone when I went to mail a picture of the birthday girl to myself for use in posting. This works pretty well too though. There’s my PJs, there’s my 3DS, and there’s my desktop doing their things. It’s a pretty accurate representation of me at current, if I do say so myself. 😀

Smallhausen rocking out with her new 2DS.

But yes, the birthday girl! She has had a lovely day and been, for the most part, not a Birthday Brat™. She was kind to her sister, polite to us old fogies, and had a good long play with her best friend. She was gracious and grateful for all of her presents, from the orange shirt ‘like Daddy’s!’, to the 2DS + Pokémon Sun from her grandparents. Oh yes, and double points for j bringing her Fart Putty, now in a toilet-shaped container. ¬¬

But really, it was a gentle, loving reminder of how wonderful this mom gig really is. I got off to a rocky start, but it worked out in the end — I got my main mental health disorder properly diagnosed and sorted. Like with her father, I wanted to be better for both myself, and her/him. I’ve been on the path of self-improvement since I was a teenager, but their advents in my life encouraged me to boot myself along the path a bit more earnestly. And I am rewarded daily by seeing Smalls and Littler grow and flourish as their own individual people, blessed with amazing abilities in empathy and love. I’m freaking honoured every day that I get to help encourage that, and am mindful to avoid doing things that could quash that. They’re rare enough talents as-is, I think.

But anyways, I could ramble on, and that would probably paint me all sentimental and crap. Well. Maybe I am a little bit in this aspect of my life, if not most others. 🙂


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