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Alas, that is not my laptop — that is my tablet. My laptop is still in the shop awaiting repairs. Z popped in on the way home today and confirmed that yes, the fan is knackered and needs replacing. They also confirmed that they want to get that done before further checking anything else, since the overheating was the main problem. My fingers are crossed that a new, less crappy fan + reapplication of thermal paste sorts out all its woes.

Littler is definitely in that final wave of teething. Any time I touched her head today in any way, she complained that I was hurting her. Poor mite. Z gave her a good dose of Calpol before putting her to bed, so hopefully she’ll have a good night’s rest. She didn’t take a nap, so she should hopefully sleep even better.

Beyond that… just thinking about social dynamics. I don’t really want to get into specifics about it, but will say that sometimes it’s really really unsatisfying and difficult to be the ‘bigger’ person in the face of childish bullshit.

Right, time to do my pills (fuuuuun), and awtch more of The Expanse. We are almost caught up, which is both satisfying and annoying. I’m also annoyed because now I really want to read the books. But if I do that, I risk being pissed at differences in the show, AND the books aren’t done yet, and after Wheel of Time,  I’m damnably sick of serieses that never end (which admittedly include several currently ‘live’ serieses, but still).



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