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What’s this? Being responsible on a night out and getting blogging done in a timely fashion? The world is obviously ending, ha ha. Add to that that I’ve cooked dinner, and it REALLY looks like the end times. xD

As for the aforementioned shrapnel, I finally have beading wire to use. I think I managed to nick myself a few times with it when I was making a few stitch markers, but that’s fine — blood is a part of the creative process reputedly. I’m not completely satisfied with my work, enough that I put in an order on Amazon for a few more bits to make it sturdier and prettier. For example, the rings I used on the three markers at the front are really flimsy, so I ordered something more substantial. The ones at the back are done on wire with crimps, so I ordered some crimp covers to tidy those up. I also need to see about buying a bead assortment to play with… but I should use up what I have first, probably.

As for dinner, I blagged together a chicken, broccoli, and cheese casserole. Well. It ended up more like a soup, but that was fine — it meant that there was plenty of sauce to drizzle on the white rice. Z and I liked it, while Smallhausen complained because she doesn’t like broccoli. Or white rice. So she had it with bread, but she ate around the broccoli and enjoyed it for the most part. And, very importantly, I did it at a low price point. A lot of the things that I like to make are super-pricy, like lasagne. So I’ll have to see what else I can figure out at a low price point that I can do in the slow cooker so Z gets a bit of a break from cooking. Having said that, you can throw pretty much anything in and get a good meal, so.

Right, time to scoot!


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