Surprise (Ew)!

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Yes sorry, I know, keyboards are disgusting. Mine is even worse ’cause cat fur and assorted dust and crumbs, ha ha. What I didn’t expect to find in it was one of my missing screws. It had jammed itself in such a way that using either the 7 or the 4 on the number pad caused the two keys to stay depressed, and depressed together. I’m glad that it was easily fixable, but still. Still!

And speaking of the computer from whence the screw came, there hasn’t been any word from the shop yet. Boo. I’m only mildly annoyed because the guy we talked to seemed to indicate that it wasn’t too busy and that it should be sorted quickly, but still. Maybe we’ll hear something tomorrow. Maybe the lack of news is good news.

Also tomorrow, less than nothing on the agenda. I’m caught up with work in a way that I’m not really needing to do anything tomorrow; I’ll need to work on Friday, but that’s still going to be a light day. Hopefully Littler will have a nice long nap, and that I can do that and have a nice long bath, hee hee.

For now though, teeeeveeee.


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