Blessedly Quiet

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Z has a meeting tonight, so I had bedtime duty all to myself. And I’m mean — I don’t read stories or let them mess around for ages. I’d *like* to be able to read stories, but the pacing in children’s books is really awkward for me and I start choking on my teeth because of course. Having said that, I could take in the book I’m reading in bed and read that for pages with no problem… no idea why. I made up a tiny story on the fly while tucking them in, so they didn’t feel completely deprived. And had them both in bed early enough that them chattering and bouncing about for 10 minutes was acceptable before I reminded them gently that they didn’t sound like they were asleep. Outside of the occasional cough, things are nice and quiet upstairs.

Also blessedly quiet today was the office. I wasn’t really surprised, seeing as I only go in on days when the noisiest person(s) is/aren’t around. I had to borrow one of the office computers to work since I’d just dropped my laptop off at the repair shop, but that worked out well enough, and I got a lot done.

Kiddos having a play outside earlier

As for the laptop, we’re waiting for them to call us to let us know whether or not it is going to need new parts atop the servicing. We are 100% sure that it needs new thermal paste at the absolute minimum. I would like the fan replaced with something less crap; I had to remove the back plate from it because it was contributing to lawn mower-level noise. I suspect that it might need a new graphics card as well, but fingers crossed that it doesn’t come to that. I’m hoping that whatever the case, I have my laptop back in my hands before the weekend. If not, well… I guuuueeeess I can survive with desktop alone. Yes, I’m spoiled. <__<

Less spoiled is the United Kingdom, as tomorrow — Brexit means Brexit. *sighs tiredly* I can hope that we have it all wrong and that the pound will rebound and be strong again and that we will all prosper, but I am just not believing it in the slightest. And we won’t have anything definitive likely for another two years, so that’s at least that long with the markets diving and flopping. Trust me, I’m hoping for the best, but I expect the worst. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Right, I’m going to go enjoy my silence. Have a good one!


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