With an Inch to Spare

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img_20161007_211136672I have just spent the last (feels like) forever getting the shawl casted off, but it’s done now! I suspect that the last few inches are a bit tighter in cast off tension if only for the fact that I realised I was almost out of wool. I’m not completely sure how I managed to pull it off, but there you go. I still need to block it and weave ends in, but I can worry about that tomorrow. For now, I’m just happy to be done with it. I’m not sure that it’s really big enough for me, but that’s okay — I bet that Littlerbit wouldn’t mind having it, if Smallhausen gives it a pass.

img_20161007_211124009_hdrIt also means that I can start to think about what I want to do next. I’m thinking that I might do a toy kit or two. I’m also thinking that I could knit for friends expecting babies in the next couple of months, as that’s a fairly quick knit, and one normally well received. I know at least one child that I would like to have something whipped up for, but we’ll see what I convince myself to do. Which it’s not going to do today, so.

Bonus picture of the childling

Bonus picture of the childling

Right, I am really really fragged, so I’m off.


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