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img_20161008_170144145I’m not the biggest coffee person these days, but I’m glad that it’s cold enough to properly enjoy one. I checked The Weather Channel, and it says the highs are going to be in the 50s all week, and the lows in the 40s. I guess autumn is here to stay (not that I’m complaining). I’m glad for it, if only for the fact that I sleep better ’cause I can snuggle up properly. If only that came with waking up feeling rested, but like, that’s not likely to happen at any point. I guess that’s why caffeine exists, ha ha. I’m not sure that it actually does anything for me, but it’s nice to pretend.

img_20161008_205025680Now, I finished my last in the queue project yesterday. I was rather amused by how twitchy my hands were for not immediately having something queued up, so I rolled stuff around in my head until I came up with something to do. I’m giggling because I’m sure people think the world is ending because I am willingly knitting in pink. And, double le gasp, I’m doing it with a child in mind. I have seethed against the stringently enforced gender binary since before I had children, and more so after having my kiddos. There is a part of me that still feels like I am enforcing it myself by offering gifts that fit within the binary, but that I’m also setting myself up for a test. I’m fairly confident that the intended recipients are quite happy to have any colour whatsoever for their expected progeny, and the ball of pink looked nice, so. We’ll see.

img_20161008_170226031Also though, this is the first ball I’ve pulled out of the recent boon. It was sitting there by itself looking charming and alluring, and I was like, whelp. I hope that I find similar inspiration for the rest of the stash… you know, whatever is left after I share. If I remember to share. ¬¬

I am also planning on sending this little beauty along with whatever else I knit up. I made this when Littlerbit was only a few months old, and then promptly forgot to ever put her in it again. I’m proud of the knit and think it came out very well, so passing it on would please me. I found it amongst some other things when we were clearing through old clothing to put in charity bags, and while some of my knits ended up there… the good ones, yes yes, those go to people. 😀

Right, back to a bit of knitting before bed.



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