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img_20161009_193609261I know I’ve been nursing a cold forever, but today has just gone into rude overdrive. I’ve hit this point where not only am I wheezing, I’m wheezing to the point of chest pain. And like, I don’t wheeze with colds; Z says it’s a normal thing, but it isn’t for me.

img_20161009_150451He’s been a dear above his normal being an awesome dear for me. I’m not too wheezy if I stay put, so he’s fetched me things like Lemsip (made decent with honey!), and just other little favours of the sort. I’m hoping that I’ll be doing tomorrow though, ’cause he’ll be at work, and it’ll just be me and the party baby.

img_20161009_191352543Well, the not-so-party baby. She’s been sleeping weird hours, to include keeping me pinned into bed until sort of late this morning. She was leaning on me and I was on the edge of the bed, so I didn’t want to move for fear of launching her into the radiator. The face pictured comes to you compliments of a much too late nap , and that general malaise that comes from the hungries. Right now she’s busy being happy and cute, which is obviously the preferred state of being.

img_20161009_202533032As for me… I am slowly progressing on my knitting. Slowly. I keep sort of zoning out and switching between computer games, and over-thinking the project. It’s a fairly simple knit all told, but I keep thinking of possible embellishments and over-thinking sizes and blah blah blah. But that’s okay too! I sort of like having my brain think about this and that and ramifications of choices and well. I guess that’s part of why I want to write more patterns down the line, even if I’m not really there yet.

Anyways. I’m going to go drown my sickly sorrows in a pile of Oreos.


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