Nostalgia Rush

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civWith Civilization VI having come out, and being waaaaaaaaaaaay out of my price range, I got to waxing whimsical on the first entry to the series. Z and I were sitting here trying to remember what colour all the teams were, so I was like… whelp, I now have an obligation to bust open the game and find out. I often play 1999’s Civilization II: Test of Time, and occasionally Civilization III and Civilization V; they’re the perfect sort of thing to have up and poke at while doing other things (as I’m often doing. Thanks ADHD!)

img_20161023_201432037Speaking of doing the other things, I’ve been sloooowly poking at my knitting. And by knitting, I mean mainly sewing up. There’s still some knitting to be done, but I wanted to stop and sew on the bits that that I’d already done so that I had a better idea of where to attach the other bits. Smallhausen is hovering, waiting to properly claim it for herself. Even if the pattern names it a giraffe, she’s decided it’s a cow. She likes cows, so good enough.

img_20161023_145857838_hdrHave a random shot of a tree!

Really though, I need to think up my next ‘big’ project, something not a toy. I’m not feeling that productive with it, because yanno, small parts. But then I don’t know what I want to knit, so I’m just sort of… meh. Well. There’s a cardigan for Littlerbit that I still ‘need’ to do, so maybe I’ll fish that out. Not at this exact second, ’cause I’m zoned out and watching tv with Z.

Yeah so, gonna get back to that. And classic Civ!


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