Iffin’ it Fits, I Sits I Sits

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img_20161022_102108835 img_20161022_102125618We get a lot of Amazon packages in because we’re not exactly fans of shopping in stores. I’m not sure why we suggested to Littlerbit that she sit in it, but she went for it. It was adorably ‘if I fits I sits!’ a la many a cat on the Internet. All I know is that my brain tries to shove it to the tune of ‘Putting on the Ritz’, which adds a new level of amusement.

We didn’t do much too much today, though it still felt like a lot. Mainly because it required leaving the house at all. We indeed made it into town to look at chairs and couches, and made our choice. It was the choice we all had in mind before going to Hatters, but you know how it is — you’ve got to sit in them to make sure it’s what you think it is.

This one! But in leather. And as a couch.

This one! But in leather. And as a couch.

So yes, the chair passed the butt test for the four of us, so we stopped by my in-law’s house to discuss it with them. They had gone to Hatters earlier in the day to do the same sort of sussing, so it was good to sit down and compare notes. And like… really though, this is a really super generous gift from Z’s parents. His mum is really keen on us developing our own household of nice furniture that will last us a lifetime. So even if I did want a couch, and I had commented on such today so she would know that this was an idea I was pre-keen on… it’s still more than I thought we’d have any time in the near future. It will probably be some weeks until we have it once it’s ordered since it’ll need to be built to order, but like. It will be here for Christmas probably. Which means my in-laws will have a comfortable place to park themselves, nice and warm by a radiator. 🙂

Anyways, past that I’m just… not alive. I’m not feeling super-sick, though I’m doing my best to stay put as well. I know I’m doing better than Z. At least my back hasn’t been in screaming agony today. I can only surmise that having that time off in the middle of the day helped. I’ve done very little in the way of knitting, and as that was while sitting in an armchair at Z’s parent’s house, the risk of losing a double-pointed needle down a chair means I was doing each row with extra care. Hopefully I’ll buckle down and finish the toy over the weekend and pick up something else. We’ll see!


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