Slowly Forward

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img_20161024_200914004img_20161024_153159960I’ve not done a lot today, which is fine by me. I’ve done some knitting, I’ve taken care of the kids, and I’ve continued wallowing in the ancient fun of the original Civilization. I started the day sort of worrying that I wasn’t going to be able to cope with the kiddos, but Smallhausen stepped up in a big way. Curated, that’s the word — she curated what was on the television, and that included game time and a dance party. Really, my kiddos are awesome, and empathetic enough to understand that Mommy isn’t always on the ball all the time.

There’s one thing on the ball though — Littlerbit’s smooching game. She is very good at saying ‘no mommy’ over and over again, shaking her little head with a grin, and I’m happy to respect that. But I’m also happy that she thinks my face and arms make a great testing ground for smooching. She followed me up to bed last night; she does that lately to annoy the cat and to clamber all over me. She wasn’t kiss-kissing exactly, more like plastering her open mouth on my arm and laughing. It was sweet though. I love seeing kiddos develop and express themselves, and I do love being healthy enough mentally to enjoy that bonding and affection.

Anyhoos, zoning out, so off I pop.


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