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img_20161028_123015375img_20161028_125905After hauling the wool to Pins & Needles last night, I decided I needed to get serious about re-re-re-retackling the disorganisation of my crafting supplies. I’d commented to Z that we needed to get me another storage unit to match the one I had so I could stack them, and then spent much too long online trying to find an exact match, dimension wise. Z was smarter and suggested I check the one we’d bought for the cloak cupboard to see if it was a match… and it was! So all my wool is happily crammed into drawers, some trash has been cleared, and I feel ridiculously lighter for it.

Oh yes, and this was accomplished because I had a few hours completely to myself. Bliss. It’s like, so much easier to get things done without little ones underfoot, so it amused me that my immediate response was ‘organise the things! wash the things!’. Which is good, because they were things that needed doing, but still.

img_20161028_195621860I also got some knitting done. The toy was finished, though Smallhausen got distracted by things and didn’t claim it. I’m dawdling on what to work on next, so I did more little hats for The Big Knit. I’m using and oddment of Sirdar Crofter DK, which is a self-striping wool. That means each of the little hats is coming out different from each other, which makes it interesting enough to keep poking along with it.


I think I’m going to make a snood next. I’ve got some super chunky left over from a previous project, and one of my co-workers was thinking of getting snoods for her daughter. So I figure I can make one or two and let her make an offer for them, or offer them around to other friends. We’ll see.

Anyhoos, back to the hats!

Cute and slightly chilly -- shawl time!

Cute and slightly chilly — shawl time!


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