There and Back Again

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img_20161027_191339930This is going to be a short one, ’cause it’s super late. I got home from Pins & Needles 10 minutes or so ago, and have been flailing all of them (because for one, I forgot to take my meds with me. Whups).

Pain: I woke up this morning in incredibly painful pain. Like, I thought I was having a heart attack because my chest and back were clenched and aching. It turns out that it was trapped wind and a few burps helped clear the lot, but I was really legit scared for a bit.

One on One on None: Smallhausen went to work with Z today, ’cause she likes doing that sort of thing. Littlerbit came down really late, so at least I had the first part of the morning to try and ease the pain away before having to deal with her. Tomorrow, they’re both going over to their grandmother’s house for a few hours,s o I’m going to have some sweet sweet alone time.

ALL THE WOOL: I bowed to the common good and hauled in two rammed full bags of the wool I got from K with me. It got picked over pretty quickly, and I let younger N take them to share with her other group. I explained it was two ram full bags and that she was later than I expected, and that what I brought was pretty much what there was. *waggles fingers*

Cake! Pavlova! Whatever it was, it was tasty!

Cake! Pavlova! Whatever it was, it was tasty!

Tiny Hats: Several members of our group(s) are knitting tiny hats for The Big Knit. I made one hat last year and forgot to give it to anyone, so it ended up being number 301 in the group pile. I made another one this evening, and intend to do some more before I’m back at Stitch ‘n Bitch on Wednesday. E isn’t sure she’ll be there to collect, and I’m not going to be there the following Thursday, so I’ll just have to organise their delivery through a third party.

Anyhoos, enough words. I should drag myself upstairs. Night!



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