Aw Hell

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I decided yesterday that it would be a good idea to ball/cake up the skeins of wool I was using to make my blanket. I got a sizable cake of the black done before switching to a ball, while the pink… well. It started to snarl up from the get go, so I ended up doing a huge freaking ball instead. It’s about 5 inches tall,soooo. But that’s fine. I just finished winding it up, and am cramming food in my face. It’s knitting Thursday, so I’ve got that half hour less that throws me.

A slightly more brilliant idea I had today was one to resolve a years old problem. You see, I’m still an active LJer (Livejournal), but most of my friends have since left for various reasons. Fair enough. And then it occurred to me — what about setting up a locked down Facebook group so friends who would be interested in things that I’m writing about there could have access. So far the uptake is good, though I’m slightly annoyed that I’ve not found a way to automate the cross-posting process. I sort of hope other friends take the idea and run with it, because I truly miss the depth and breadth of the mainly former blogging community.

Right, back to cramming dinner into my mouth, and yarn into my bag.


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