Stealth Buttle-ing

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At some point last night, I got the brilliant idea to start drawing little butts on E’s things. I don’t think she clocked the two that I did on her magazine, but she did see it when I leaned right in her space to do it on her notebook. *giggles* She was too busy chatting to really care, and even if she did, it would be that mock annoyed put upon face that would have elicited me grinning or blowing a raspberry or something. Because butts. *nodnods*

I got out of the one chore I had to do today — picking Littler up from school. She wasn’t feeling well when she went in, and we got called to come collect her because she continued to be distraught. I got lucky and Z was still in the village with the car, so he scooped her up and brought her home. I got some food in her tummy, and she crashed out for a few hours. She’s in good spirits now, so yay for that. Let’s hope that doesn’t translate to ‘Whee I am too awake to sleep let’s party!’. And even if it does… thank goodness, it’s Friday?

As for me, I’m knackered. I’ve not done anything today and I am just completely run over feeling. Well. I did some work, I did some knitting, I did some gaming. I grumped at Z about Loveknitting being an evil temptress; they are donating all their September profits to charity and it’s like, Z I NEED TO BUY WOOL I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED TO. It doesn’t help that the Paintbox Yarn Chunky Pots are gorgeous and inexpensive; even if I don’t have a project I need it for, I waaaant it. *sighs and paws* But then, yarn is my weakness. I’ll own that.



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