Going, Going, Gone

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I took this picture when we were out for a little trip to the interchange. Smallhausen is in football club this term, and Z thought it would be a good idea to get her some shin guards, so we did that. I also poked my head into Matalan briefly to see if they had any nice looking jeans, and then opted to put in an order with Simply Be once we got home. They have flare jeggings, yo. My Royal Fattitum is down with the concept of flare jeggings after outgrowing the pair of PajamaJeans that bat gave me years ago. I laugh ’cause I would have turned my nose up at this sort of thing before kids, but post kids… whelp. *drums chub and chuckles*

As the picture suggests, its’ been a very overcast, rainy day. I guess it’s what is left of Aileen? I don’t really know. As long as I don’t have to be out in it and can enjoy watching it from indoors, then bring it on. It’s the whole push into autumn, so. Smalls told me today she likes autumn and winter best, which made me smile as they are too my favourites. I love watching her try to determine her own place in this world, whether it be favourites, or where she falls on the gender spectrum. She knows that she doesn’t feel like she’s a girl, but still tries to default immediately to boy. Maybe she is a boy — I’m not her, so I don’t really know. All I can try to do is educate and support her.

And now, back to other things. I’ve got a couple of conversations going in KoL right now, so I’m going to happily wallow in that.


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