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Any time I’ve got the clean laundry spread across the bed, Batman thinks that it is his solemn duty to bury himself in my share of it. I get it, he’s my jealous boyfriend, and he’s got to get his smell all over my things. I annoyed him by trapping him in and smooching his face — after annoying him by taking his picture, naturally.

It’s been a good, fairly productive day all told. The aforementioned laundry got done and processed, which is yay. I got the bare minimum of work-work done, which I’m not bothered about. I had myself a good bath, which was the main thing on the list.

I had hoped it would soak out some of the backache, but alas… alas. At least I know the days of back-to-the-back sleep are numbered, which is yay. I’m admittedly not completely convinced that this change of bed is going to change my world, but I’m certainly hopeful. It’s one of those things that everyone says does the do, so we’ll see. I can’t remember how I responded to our current bed back when it was new; after all, that was over a decade ago.

Past that, just wondering how much longer before the world enters a state of nuclear winter. Emperor Tang is once again posturing and threatening his bromantic frenemy-in-chief of North Korea (Rocket Man?!), and I just. Whut. I would like the world to continue existing kthnx — it’s where I keep my stuff, and the people I like. And if they HAVE to destroy us all, I hope they can wait until after bat comes out to visit. Wha? Not seen my BFFFFF in five years, and I’m going to have them (mainly) to myself. It is going to be the best introvert party ever. Plus yanno, getting to introduce them to my friends and life here, and excited that ‘everyone’ wants to meet them. And considering that they are a rather sizable hunk of my heart and soul… it’ll be awesome. If the world still exists next month, and preferably the months after.

For now, knitting and gaming!


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