‘Harvest Themed’

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Today, Littler’s class had some ‘harvest themed’ events going on during the afternoon session. And while she only attends the morning session on a Friday currently, she was welcome to come back with two guests, so we attended. This picture was from the first activity she took part in, which was dressing up and racing around. I’m not really sure how it counts as harvest themed, but it was really cute and she had a good time. The other events included painting a picture of a tree, making a leaf crown, and the ever-important dolling up a cookie. I’m glad we could attend, but I am in a fucktruckload of pain as a result. I took some codeine, but it’s still pretty bad. I’m doing my best to cram my back firmly into my chair, and on the whole, doing my best to not move.

I’m doing my best to fill my chair not-moving with sewing. I was grumbling to Z that even on a tiny cardigan, setting the sleeve still seems to be a million miles long. I’m doing it a few stitches at a time between other things (games!), though I should probably try to buckle down and just do it. Do eeeeet.

I don’t know that we have any particular weekend plans… I hope we don’t. There is a maybe playdate penciled in, both otherwise, I sincerely do not want to move. I will if Z proposes some sort of little outing, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it at this exact achy second.

What I DO have planned, though, is a little party next month. Since bat is going to be in country, there are a few people they specifically need to meet. I’ve already confirmed the very tiny guest list; neither Z nor myself really want to deal with too many people. And Z has said very clearly that he doesn’t want to get stuck doing everything. That’s reasonable; of the two of us, I’m the one that likes throwing parties (however introverted they might be). I’m hoping that I’ve already arranged the guest list,  organised arrival times, and started on arranging both snacks and main meal (Z suggested pizza, which I second) — well, I’m hoping that it makes him feel like he’s got a lot less to worry about. Certainly, I don’t want him ever to feel like he’s got to carry the weight of my social events. At least Z will have C to hang out with, so that’s someone else to introvert++ with. 🙂

Right, off to let my eyes glaze over//sew.



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