Right into the Sun

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I can’t take credit for today’s image, and indeed I am ashamed to admit that I cannot give credit either. When it comes to finding things in Google Image Search, I have a negative ability at it. So if anyone knows who this was done by, let me know and I’ll link as appropriate.

As far as the card goes, I’m disabled every day. Some days are better than others, and the only real problem I’ve been dealing with today is a quantum migraine. I took some codeine this morning to head it off, and I’m being reminded that I might want to consider topping that off. I also had to resort to busting out the eye bath, and I’m actually wondering if I need to do it a second time. I want to make sure this is as pushed back as possible before going out knitting tonight, of course.

Speaking of knitting, I might have just started shouting at my computer. Paintbox Yarns Chunky Pots, an already amazing value, are on sale. I have some money I can spend from when Z and I switched our mobiles from O2 to BT, and I can probably do some damage with 1,200 grams of pretty chunky goodness.  I’m thinking that I could do another blanket, since apparently I’m in a ‘KNIT ALL THE BLANKETS’ mood now.  I’ve also had in mind to do someone a cat hat in one of the colourways, though I’m still thinking about whether or not the one I have in mind is going to do what I ‘need’ it to do…

Right I’m apparently furniture right now, so I’m going to get back to snuggling my not-so-tiny lap invader.


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