Bow, Humans

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What you see here are the faces of two felines who are not amused at the slaggardness of their human slaves. They were closing in on Z (just out of picture), because  they were hungry and he hadn’t fed them immediately upon arrival home. Of course, if they had their way, they would have a constant supply of food to gorge on rather than the actual amounts that they are supposed to eat doled out across the day. I know, we are terrible servants, ha ha.

Annoyed cats aside, it’s been a lovely day. Littler was super-thrilled to see me at pick-up, and hustled me home for her lunch. We had a lovely cuddle, in which she cheekily declared me not squishy enough and added a pillow between us. I can’t even pretend to be annoyed because it was funny. She decided to have a nap and didn’t appreciate having to wake up from it, but that was always going to be the case.

I’ve also made some decent progress on my knitting, which is yay. I’m still not thinking I’m going to be able to finish it for Thursday, but at least I’m making that progress. I figure that if I keep keeping on myself here that I will get more done than not, which is something.

I also need to think about baking. I told C that I would do her a cake or two for the fundraiser on Friday, and even had a dream last night that I had forgotten to (quelle horreur). I need to nab the recipe book and see what I can do with what I have on hand, and whether or not I need to get Z to order/pick up any bits for me. I don’t plan on going ridiculous with it, but if I can do two things, two things would be good.

*eyes desk* So of course, I’ve got my beads out for stitch markers, because focus what focus. xD But considering that North Korea has decided Emperor Tang has declared war on them, might as well be as hedonistic as possible in my own little crippled crafty way. xD



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