End of the Line

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And lo, the children have been to the vet, and are back home — less testicles, thank the stars. They hadn’t started spraying or anything of the like, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t fretting about it on some level. They’re currently a bit on the high side of life, and Vivi is hunkered down over the food bowl in protest of having been denied food for the first time in his little life. Raven is stealthing around and yelling at me. So not too different from normal, ha ha.

Nothing much else to report, outside of continued playing with wire. I’ve made a couple of things that I am more or less happy with — though ideally, I’ll move up to using the copper wire rather than the aluminium wire, as it’s tougher. All care has been taken to make the aluminium strong and self-supporting, but still. My brain yells at me a bit, because brains do that. Maybe if some of these pendants shift, I’ll go buy some thinner copper wire to complement what I bought most recently.


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