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First off — I might well finish this sock tonight. I know that I need to try to be a wee bit careful, ’cause I did my back in yesterday and thankfully managed to get comfortable and to sleep without taking pain meds. I’ve got a page of patterns bookmarked from the company that made the wool that my socks are coming out of this time, so hopefully they’ll have one that compliments the floof of it.

Today would have been (step)dad’s 63rd birthday. I’ve had that fact in my head all day, though I don’t know what to do with it one way or the other. I guess I miss him a bit, which is kind of funny since I’d not spoken to him for over six years before his passing (in part because I had to go no contact with maternal unit for my own health and sanity, and in part because he had his own problematic behaviours that I wasn’t down with). My sisters have both said that he actually got a lot better over that time, and I well. Another thing I’m still mulling on. I don’t know what I missed really, but they do, and even if it’s been a few months… it’s also only been a few months? Dunno. I guess we can go with ‘he’s in my thoughts’, and leave it at that for now.

Happy bits, now. I love lamp. Like, it’s weird. I’ve had lava lamps before, but I keep finding myself reaching over and touching the hot glass. It’s like… my heart feels soothed for it? I don’t know what to make of it, but I’m not bitching either.

Also happy is that our preferred computer manufacturer has a new chassis, one that will better suit my specific needs/wants, and not cost quite as much as Z’s most recent acquisition. Like, I want as much bang for my buck as I can get, but I also don’t want one as big as his. I’m going to have fun futzing around with the potential builds, not that I’m likely to be getting a new one soon-soon. But yanno, window shopping.

Right, dinnertime.


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