Sweeter Than Candy

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Z had ordered some new curtains for the girls’ room this week; they had blackout curtains, but they were dinosaurs and several years old. So now they have lovely blue curtains that they agreed upon, which are also to the thermal controlling side of life as well. And this? We’d clocked it when shopping for Littler’s birthday, and Z had thrown it into the basket before I could even think about mentioning it. I told him that it was better than flowers or chocolates… but that I could do with a box of Lindt. *whistles* He sighed, but I pointed out he’d be happy with one of those as well, ha ha.

((plus the lamp was only £10, and wow that is amazing, I love lamp, etc))

Past that, work haphazardly happened. I logged in to find an error message, necessitating Z to call our contact for the program so he could sort it out. Which he did, but it meant I lost some quality work time waiting. But I’m still feeling in the almost caught up with myself zone, so that’s fine. It’s fine.

Right, gonna go zone out and baste my nails in solar oil. I’m going to try and get a few coats a day on it for the next couple of days and see if it does me any better with more frequent applications. The Internet™® suggests that it should, and some of the grizzlier bits look less grizzly, so. *shrugs*


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