Attempting Order out of Disorder

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Alas, the things I’m trying to sort aren’t exactly this half of my desk, ha ha. I *DID* finally sit down and finish inventorying my wool supplies, so that was pleasing. Hah, so of course I stand up and try to move things around a little bit. It’s still pretty bad, but it’s just that little bit more ordered. I like some semblance of order — not perfect, rigid, dustlessly pristine, just like… things where they probably should go for the best chances of it being where I can find it later.

This week has ended up being another week of doing, more than I realised at the start of the week. Monday was glasses and being in the office. Last night was Stitch ‘n Bitch, and today? Today was parent conferences at Smallhausen’s (and soon to be Littlerbit’s) school. It’s always nice to touch base with her teachers to confirm that we’re on the same page, and this was Small’s best review yet. She’s always been this person who refuses to do anything until she can actually do it, starting with crawling and continuing through to maths. But once she develops a bit of confidence, she’s off like a bolt. We made sure to tell Smalls that we were proud of her, and that her teacher was proud of her, and what she needs to work on specifically. tl;dr she writes too fast and sloppily, something I can empathise with ’cause I type really fast in a vague attempt to get stuff out of my brain before it evaporates, something I can’t do half as well on paper. I brought it up today to do in future that we bust out my story cubes and write stories together. She seems keen on the idea, so hopefully that will help her work on writing more tidily.

But yeah, I’m tired — chronic fatigue is no joke. At least there continue to be an increase in studies that show that it’s a real thing, if not how to help it. I desperately need some not-doing for more than a day here and there. I don’t begrudge that life required me to leave the house multiple times on paper, but in practice it’s rough on me. I just wish that it would recharge like my skin heals up — my heels are pretty much sorted in spite of getting way fucked up on Monday. But that’s also ’cause yanno, not having to wear shoes that much, or walk for that long since hurting myself Monday.

*stifles a yawn* Right, back to knitting.


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