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It’s Definitely Love

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My new tiny circulars arrived today, so I got started on the first sock tonight at knitting. I’ve got a long way yet to go, but I’m already in love with what I’m seeing, hee hee. As much as I love wools that are in various colours, I’m also wary of the patterning coming out not-cute. I’m not completely sure… Read more »

The Bastard

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Well, not me. No. Even if I look like a bit of a knob. No, the bastard is my non-sunglasses. I was gently pushing them up my nose, and they just gently fell apart. We’re a tiny bit overdue to get new glasses anyways, so that just means we finally booked in our eye tests. And in the interim, Z… Read more »

Outdoors is Overrated

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Okay, I’m lying. I actually like overcast. I also like sunny. I love the rain — as long as it’s not too cold. For all that I curl up at home and rarely leave it, I do appreciate nature. In small doses. I got two such doses today, ’cause Z is under the weather. He took Smallhausen to school, but… Read more »

Love Is…

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… a freshly wound ball of variegated wool. I mean, this stuff was gorgeous on the hank, but wounded into a cake it looks even more exciting. I’m currently working a gauge square, and planning on circling back to the start. That is to say, I am thinking I am going to do Just Plain Socks by Talena Winters. Her… Read more »

Stepping Out

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Le gasp, I left the house again. This time it was to dine out with friends, which was lovely. We didn’t get to go to the restaurant we wanted to because it had shut. Super boo, as Mongolian BBQ isn’t exactly a one on every corner sort of do-dad. So instead we went to one of the two Mexicans in… Read more »

Nearly Time for a Tea Party…

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Tea Party being the name of that colourful skein on my keyboard, hee hee. My next big project is a pair of socks for me — after I finish these tiny ones for Littlerbit. I’m thinking that this might be a sock-heavy year, because I want to use my spending money buying really freaking nice wool, and the price point… Read more »

Buttmail and Other Things

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I still haven’t gotten my outgoing mail outgoing, naughty naughty. I realised today that was in part because I didn’t have the packing materials to hand and my brain couldn’t find an extra spoon to futz with that at the Post Office, even if people are super-polite about that in the queue. I found a box in the kitchen suitable… Read more »

Sugar and Maybe Miracles

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I’m feeling a bit rocked by some maybe good news right now. bat told me that Mom might be coming home. Which means that hey, not only mom at home, but not losing the home that is our home. I don’t know that it’s going to happen for sure, but shit. I’ve actually been praying, which is not my norm…. Read more »