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I’ve made some decent progress on my second sock this weekend, tra la! I finished and turned the heel, and am making lovely progress down the foot. I’m not counting on having it done before Thursday’s knitting session, but I’m just happy that, once again, that second sock feels like it flies by as compared to the first. I’m always a little bit worried that a day will come where the second one is going to make me all grumpy, but I’ve yet to see that particular day.

I’ve also finally pencilled in a tentative date to hang out and nominally craft with a local friend that I have yet to meet face to face. We met via Livejournal, and are both a bit crap at getting past the, ‘Why yes, let’s hang out!’ part of organising.

So hopefully that’ll actually happen. Things can fall out, hee hee. We had a case of that today — E was supposed to come around with j for a playdate, and she flat-out forgot. I told her I’d give her crap about it on Thursday, but I probably won’t make more than a gentle jibe. I don’t see any point at getting worked up about life and brainfuzz getting a person down. Naw, I’ll give her a big hug, maybe tease her about having made sure I had a soda waiting for her, but nothing more severe than that. I don’t believe in taking swipes for the sake of taking swipes, not any more. Bad mojo and all that.

Mah kids are cute, la la la

Mmm, what else. I guess I’m feeling a bit more human after the last couple of days. I don’t really know if I’m getting enough rest, but that’s sort of par for the course. I’m definitely not sure about last night, because I ended up reading Every Heart a Doorway from cover to cover in one sitting. At 173 pages, it isn’t exactly a lengthy book, but I generally don’t get that much covered in one night. Eh well, at least it was on a weekend night.

For now, back to le knitting!


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