I’m Still Me

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One thing Smallhausen was worried about with me getting new glasses and recolouring my hair is that I would, somehow, no longer be myself. She was patting my hair earlier and declaring it still not to be red (the butt <3), but that I was still me. That was good. Even if it was a silly quasi-fear, I wasn’t going to mock her for it — her feelings are real and valid, even if I might find them silly. I think that society has a bad tendency to dismiss the feelings and concerns of children stupid because they’re not the same as what we’re experiencing as adults. I try very hard to be mindful that my kids are still growing up and inexperienced, and therefore their concerns are valid and I will do my best to address them. Glad she’s decided that I’m still me after doing the things that make me feel more me though.

Dancin’ Machines

I’m also glad that I managed to get some things done today that I wanted to do today. Well, not super much — I had a bath, which was high on my to-do list. I also made some more progress at chipping away at the mess on the kitchen table. There’s still quite a bit that we need to do on it, but I was happy to apply some organisation that came to me in bed last night.

I also pitched some motivation to Z on why we should make sure to get-r-done — so we can invite his parents around for a meal again. I even offered to cook, ha ha. He’s keen on that, and I think that goes for all of us. We like being close enough, and having enough room to fete them.

Oh yeah, and the kids were having fun dancing. They like doing that.

Right then. I’m feeling a bit off-colour, so I am going to go back to my knitting. I’ve started the heel flap now, so the real fun begins!


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