It Looked Better on Paper

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Okay so like, my hair looked more artfully tumbled when I looked at in the mirror than it came out in this picture, honest. But I’m still happy enough using it for today’s post, if only ’cause I can’t think of anything else to take a picture of right now. I can say that I am more jazzed by my hair colour today than I was yesterday. I forgot to take a picture of it out in natural light, but I’ll try to remember to do that tomorrow, possibly in combination with slapping the new glasses on my face. *wiggles* Man tho, fingers crossed new glasses help sort out this chronic headache shit, because it is precisely negative fun.

Mainly, I have succeeded in doing what I wanted to do today, being sitting on my duff, knitting, and gaming. And feeling still exhausted. I’m hoping that this coming week will be gentler on me. I think I’ve probably said that the last couple of days over and over again, but it’s sort of a fervent wish.

Past that, big happenings in Sweden yesterday. Oh wait, except not. I roll my eyes at more of Trump’s ‘alternative facts’. They’re both amusing and dangerous. More than that, my brain apparently refuses to deal with right now. So it goes.


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