Glowingly Red

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I should add that my face isn’t actually that red, but between the shirt and the freshly dyed hair, the yellow glow of the light bulb above is making me positively lurid. *grins* Z was a great help, for which I am grateful. The whole getting the colour into my hair, and then washing it out was very exhausting. But it’s nice. I feel more me when my hair is the ‘right’ colour, which is some shade of red. I’m worried that it might be darker than I hoped for, but it’s probably fine. I’ll get a better look at it tomorrow during daylight, and then promptly decide it’s fine. I don’t exactly have the spoons to do anything about it, so might as well embrace it.

Still, I guess I must be better than I was yesterday, because I managed my hair with help, but I also got a post up on The Scarlet B. Between that and the one on Digitalglitch yesterday, I’m feeling like I’m getting into position to do the weekly posting on those sites like I want to. Or not. I have to make sure I don’t push myself, as I was grumbling at myself this morning. I’m not quiiiite into bitterness territory, but this week has definitely been rough enough that I’m hoping for better to magically happen.

Ah well, at least things happen here to make me smile?

Cute kids help me feel better, a bit. Littler loves her skateboard, and both girls like dancing and partying. Z got himself a little DJ mixing station wossit because he missed DJing, so DJing to the lounge is a great concert venue. Littler tried to help, while Smallhausen was bouncing all around (if you were confused as to what that child-shaped streak was in the middle picture).

Otherwise, just doing the knitting and the gaming. It’s a good way to exist within the bounds that exist in my life.


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