The Most Expensive Bowl I Own…

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Is, of course, my new yarn bowl! And to be fair, £15.59 is a pretty reasonable price for such an important and nicely made bit of kit. It makes me wish that I could wood work… but on the other hand, I think Z would murder me if I got hooked into such a space-intensive hobby atop my other ones, ha ha. Making stitch markers doesn’t really create too much extra clutter, so that’s a fairly easy one to support me in.

I had a moment of amusing squee earlier. I’d tagged Knit Picks on Facebook to show the pretties I’d ordered, and they liked my page for Digitalglitch, and then other people started liking it. Which means I dragged myself through the fog and got a post up, because if I’m going to have an increase in audience (albeit modest), I should probably like, cater to them. I even spent what (for me) was an ungodly amount of time tinkering to make the SEO happy, because why not. It’s the only one of my blogs that I run SEO on anyways, and mainly for trying to slooooowly teach myself about those things. I don’t really care if I get huge followerships on any of my blogs, but it’s nice to learn how to do the fancy things.

I guess that’s the main of it. Stuff arrived, writing happened, and I continue to be utterly exhausted. It’s a smidge better than yesterday, but still pretty effin’ severe. I hope tomorrow is a bit better. If not, well… at least I have backup, being the weekend and all. I do have to admit that having both the kids around is that bit more exhausting, especially as Smallhausen is needier than Littlerbit. It’s been fun, but I’ll be glad to see things go back to normal.

Right. Knitting, zoning out, etc.


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