A Day Best Shown in Pictures

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Dancin’ Machines

I don’t know whether it’s the chronic fatigue talking or what, but today has been super busy. I’ve been really limited in what I’m able to do, but I’ve marshalled most of that towards making sure the kids had fun. I’m not the only one who was pitching into that sort of arena, but as said — pictures might well make that more obvious.




Yes, they went outside, they danced, and Z came home early so we could play The Game of Life as a family. Littlerbit wanted to join in, which made it a sliiiiightly less enjoyable experience. But she had her moment of joy before that when she unboxed her new skateboard. Yes, at two and a half years, she not only has as skateboard, she can say the word as well. And said it often, to include telling her grandmother on the phone, ‘Nanny, I hassa skateboard!’. It might seem a slightly questionable gift for a child that young, but it’s better than her trying to use Duplos-on-wheels to scoot around the house (true story).

But yeah, me. Fatigue has been super-severe today, to the degree of standing up to talk to Smallhausen at the window during their outside time had me bracing against the table. I’ve had to make extra-clear that I need a little recharge time between each little thing. Smallhausen understands this pretty well by now, which is good ’cause it means I’m not as likely to shout at her to give me space (which she doesn’t deserve). It’s hard parenting with chronic illnesses, but my kids and their empathy help make it a little bit easier.

Um, what else. Gonna get back to my sock knitting, yes yes.


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