It Burns!

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I’m pretty rubbish about getting out in natural light, so I couldn’t resist suggesting that my milky-white skin was gonna catch on fire from exposure. But I said I was going to get outside and get a picture of my hair colour in natural light, so voila. Bonus, you get to see the new glasses as well. I am quite pleased with them for the most part. My faceskin is being a bit bitchy and crawly as it tries to get used to the new fit, but it should hopefully get over that in a few days. And, hopefully, tomorrow everything will be hunky dory on being able to focus on things past the middle distance. It’s already better than it was a few hours ago, so yanno, all in the right direction.

One thing that went in a not-good direction were my feet. I thought I had appropriate socks on for wearing my purple Docs, but I was wrong. The tromping to and from getting glasses gave me some massive blisters on both heels; I’ll spare the details. It doesn’t hurt so much as long as I’m not wearing shoes, and I don’t have to worry about that again until Wednesday night. And even then, my walking will be minimal, so things should hopefully go fairly well with that.

Beyond that, did work, got home, and picked up my knitting. I am to the toe decreases, so there is a good chance that I will have a sock done tonight. And if not, then tomorrow night. It’s just nice to know that I’m almost done with the first one. The second always goes a bit faster for me, and then I can think about the other things that I want to knit… after I clear up some other minor projects that I haven’t been doing… if I don’t keep putting them off, doot doot.

Right then, I’m off to work on that sock!


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