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Glowingly Red

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I should add that my face isn’t actually that red, but between the shirt and the freshly dyed hair, the yellow glow of the light bulb above is making me positively lurid. *grins* Z was a great help, for which I am grateful. The whole getting the colour into my hair, and then washing it out was very exhausting. But… Read more »

The Most Expensive Bowl I Own…

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Is, of course, my new yarn bowl! And to be fair, £15.59 is a pretty reasonable price for such an important and nicely made bit of kit. It makes me wish that I could wood work… but on the other hand, I think Z would murder me if I got hooked into such a space-intensive hobby atop my other ones,… Read more »

A Day Best Shown in Pictures

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I don’t know whether it’s the chronic fatigue talking or what, but today has been super busy. I’ve been really limited in what I’m able to do, but I’ve marshalled most of that towards making sure the kids had fun. I’m not the only one who was pitching into that sort of arena, but as said — pictures might well… Read more »

I Amuse Easily

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One of the more amusing points of the street corner being dug up is the road signs. This one here is directly at the end of our walkway, and I’m slightly miffed that Z won’t let me steal it. As it were, I find it mildly hilarious that they felt the need to put the sign in front of our… Read more »

Long, But Good

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It has been a very, veeeeery long day. The tl;dr is that I found frames that I like, and that at least one pair will be ready for me on Monday. So that’s a relief; I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get them in time for driving Wednesday of next week. And it turns out that my… Read more »

A Day in a Picture

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Today was the first day of half-term. And as it is during half-term, Smallhausen always reminds me that she wants her nails painted. She can’t have them at school and she takes after me in loving having a splash of colour on her fingertips. I usually sort of muttergrumble and forget to do it, but this time I sucked it… Read more »

The Lengths I’ve Gone To…

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My epilator has gone missing, and we think that Littlerbit has stashed it somewhere. The question is — where? I decided that I was going to tear apart the lounge and check through all their toys to see if maybe it had gotten buried there… no dice. But on the up side the toys are the tidiest they’ve been in… Read more »

An Early Start (Finish)

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I forgot to take my meds last night, which means I didn’t sleep well. The knock-on from not sleeping well is feeling incredibly ill, both physically and mentally. With chronic fatigue, sleep isn’t restful. At best, you maintain the status quo of feeling generally cruddy. But as I was reminded today, not getting that sleep rebound severely. I was so… Read more »

Glitter On the…

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I have spent the last couple of hours making stitch markers. There’s nothing super-fancy to it — you attach parts a to b and to c, and then job done. But like, it looks really cool and impresses people when you say that you ‘made’ them, so. Not that I’m out to impress people really, but it makes me happy… Read more »

Simple Joys

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Today was one of those days where I felt like I was being productive. I got my writing done fairly tidily, I got work done, I saw myself and the kiddo fed.  It might be the same-old same old, but I’m going to celebrate every single day I can manage it. Littlerbit was waffling between not-Lego-ing and drawing; you can… Read more »