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Doing This Early

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Somehow, I managed to miss taking my meds last night. And how horrible I feel reflects that starkly. I kept waking up every couple of minutes all night, and right now I feel hungover and sick. I expect that i will go to bed sooner rather than later, but or the second I am just trying to drag myself past… Read more »

Adventure Time

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Today was one of those days where we had plans to go out for one quick errand, and we ended up being out half the day. Whups. You see, we needed to get a new toilet seat. The one upstairs started breaking mumbelty months ago, and finally finished biting the bullet last night. Which meant that whelp, the procrastination time… Read more »

Idiocy Squared

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I have been super-stymied on getting work-work done this week. The server connection has been super slow, it keeps dropping, and I have lost literally hours of working time this week. Considering that I only work part-time, and I am desperate to catch up before we go on Christmas break, I’ve been less than impressed. I was even more unimpressed… Read more »

Food, Glorious Food!

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At our normal Thursday meeting, the pub in question puts on some free grub for us. It’s usually some potato chips and sandwiches, but they gave us the option of chipping in and getting something a bit fancier. Don’t let the savoury picture fool you — that was only a fraction of the trays they presented us. Suffices to say,… Read more »

Crouching Toddler, Hidden Kitten

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You miiiiight be able to make it out past the heaps of stuff, but you can just about make out Poison on the window ledge. I thought I managed a better picture of her hiding out over there, but apparently I was wrong. I don’t know why I found this to be super cute, but I really, really, *REALLY* did…. Read more »

Start Them Early

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Back in the days when I was a console gamer, because it was console or nothing in the home. The console of choice was the Nintendo Entertainment Center, in part because we weren’t rich enough for a Sega, and in part because I had played it at the babysitter’s house and I thought it would be a good family gift…. Read more »

Again and Again

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Today has been a day of knitting in circles. But not like, the productive sort of circles, no. I’m doing varying sizes of gauge squares to figure out what needles I’m going to do these blasted socks on. It’s fine though. My brain is settled back into knitting and not being stressed about knitting and its related people, so it… Read more »

Ooh, Shiny

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While it’s a day later than Smallhausen wanted, our tree is up and vaguely decorated. Which is to say, the girls put the ornaments on, and we’ve not gotten around to adjusting the spacing on them. It looks passably fine from where I’m sitting, and I told her that I was impressed with her efforts. Really, she’s been a good… Read more »

Another Hot Date (Misery Incarnate)

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I have had a cold developing over the last couple of days. I went to bed with Sir Olbas Oil last night, and woke up feeling pretty rough. I’ve had some chest pain the last couple of days which I presumed was bra-related, so I decided to go without today (weekend slobbing, aww yiss?). It doesn’t seem to have helped,… Read more »

I’m Done For

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Today was one of those rare days that I was in the office properly. There is a single November year end account, so I figured it would be a good idea to go in and work through it with my hand held. I’m going to go back in in January for a few days for the same reason. And while… Read more »