Idiocy Squared

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This is my ‘are you shitting me’ eye-face.

I have been super-stymied on getting work-work done this week. The server connection has been super slow, it keeps dropping, and I have lost literally hours of working time this week. Considering that I only work part-time, and I am desperate to catch up before we go on Christmas break, I’ve been less than impressed. I was even more unimpressed when I found out our shithole Rent-an-IT-guy had set up a new, faster remote and hadn’t told us. Um… nobody else in the building uses the remote really, but every.single.person in our office does. I think Z is going to check to see if anyone in our office actually knew, but in general to give this guy the what-for. Really though, I got more done in like an hour, two hours this afternoon than I have the entirety of the preceding week. Fingers crossed that translates into getting that catching up thing next week, neh?

It’s been a good day on the whole though. Z invited his parents around for dinner. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it’s nice to be able to have them here; we didn’t have room to do it at the old house. I like having them around, and wish that my mother-in-law in particular would come over more. I would love for her to get out of the house, something that I think would serve her well. Maybe she’ll be up for it more after next week when her new glasses are ready. I know that vision issues are certainly keeping her in a funk.

Past that, a bit of gaming, a bit of knitting… it’s the good stuff, and I’m getting back to it!


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