Food, Glorious Food!

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At our normal Thursday meeting, the pub in question puts on some free grub for us. It’s usually some potato chips and sandwiches, but they gave us the option of chipping in and getting something a bit fancier. Don’t let the savoury picture fool you — that was only a fraction of the trays they presented us.

and savouries.

Suffices to say, we descended like a herd of locusts I don’t think that I ate nearly as much as I did when we were at Herd last week, but the selection was a nice one. And there were shrimp, and I never get to have shrimp, so I ate a lot of it and tried to not feel like I was hogging it all from the rest of the group, ha ha.

It was a good night though. I got a few inches progress done on the sock I’d restarted in addition to eating and chatting. Yes, restarted. Even though I’d done a gauge square and was satisfied that it matched the gauge the pattern called for, it wasn’t big enough for my fatty thighs. So I did a gauge square on bigger needles and deemed it likely to be suitable for said thighs. We’ll see. I ideally would like to make thigh highs, ’cause I like me some tall socks.

Bonus pub bathroom selfie. I am tres cute. ^__^

For now though, it’s bed time. I need to sleep off the noms, hee hee.


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