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Today was one of those days where we had plans to go out for one quick errand, and we ended up being out half the day. Whups.

You see, we needed to get a new toilet seat. The one upstairs started breaking mumbelty months ago, and finally finished biting the bullet last night. Which meant that whelp, the procrastination time is over, let’s go to Homebase and get a replacement. Luckily, we were able to get like-for-like at the same discount, so bonus. We wandered around a bit and got a few bits, like the lights pictured around the hallway menu. And then, we figured, we’d pop over to Tesco over the road and pick up some sandwiches for lunch.

Except my in-laws, Z’s parents were there.

Don’t get me wrong — we have a great relationship with them and were happy to see them (and help them with the heavy stuff). Smallhausen asked if she could wander around with them on their shop, and we said sure. They went off to do their thing, we were doing ours, when…

Store PA: ‘Could Raeyn come to customer services please!’

Sharing? All for me, right? <__<

The tl;dr is that Smalls decided she was going to come back to shop with us and got lost, and some nice person took her to a staff member, who took her up to the front desk. I was relieved that nothing bad had happened to my in-laws, and hoped they and Smalls all learned a lesson. See, yesterday my mother-in-law was trying to assign Smalls more confidence than she actually had. One of them really should have walked with her across the store until they found us, and I hope that it was a gentle lesson about how she is not as confident as they think she is. Is that mean of me? I didn’t and I don’t feel any seething ‘I told you so!’ about it, just… who she is at this stage in life still needs an adult. As for her, I gave her lots of hugs and kisses and held her hand, and told her she did very well to get to the front desk and have them page me. But I also, gently, told her that next time to get one of her grandparents to walk her over to us if we’re all in the shop. Fingers crossed the lesson sticks and she doesn’t get another fright.

Bonus happy childling picture

Now, circling back around to helping the in-laws with the heavy stuff. They’re both a bit out of sorts right now, so were going to call Z and ask if he could help them offload their groceries at home. Not a problem! We all left the store at the same time, and we had our lunch over there and let the girls rampage a bit. So that was nice, and we were glad that we could help out. I’m also pleased because that’s us spending time together two days in a row, rather than like, twice a month.

But yeaaah, I’m tired now. Z is tired too. I got a cute picture of him and Littler napping. I wish that my crippled ass could do more to help spare him exhaustion, but like… I’m not going to beat myself up about it either. Executive dysfunction is a bitch and I’m always surprised when I manage to conquer it enough to do anything. Like, simple things can take hours of chivvying and it’s just. Ugh. And sometimes once I get the ball rolling I can get lots of little things done, and that makes me ask why I can’t make that happen more often, but. *shrugs tiredly* So it goes.

Right, back to gaming things.


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