Ooh, Shiny

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img_20161204_202045676While it’s a day later than Smallhausen wanted, our tree is up and vaguely decorated. Which is to say, the girls put the ornaments on, and we’ve not gotten around to adjusting the spacing on them. It looks passably fine from where I’m sitting, and I told her that I was impressed with her efforts.

Really, she’s been a good kiddo today, just when I needed her to be. Z had an event that he had to attend for a chunk of the afternoon, which means me and the kiddos doing our thing. Everyone got fed, Littler got her nap, and nobody and/or nothing was on fire when Z got home.  Which yanno, all sorts of good, ’cause I’m still rocking this being sick thing. This too shall pass, but I’m going to feel like a whiny baby until it does. *shakes tiny fist tiredly*

img_20161204_174940 img_20161204_175257
Christmas helpers

Past that, I’ve just been gaming my little heart out. My progress on Pokémon Moon continues; I’ve just picked up the Z-Crystals for Electricity and Steel. I ended up slowing the crap out of my progress the last few days because I was grinding levels and friendship because I was starting to hit areas were I was nearly out-levelled (and the friendship grinding was to take Pichu to Aololan Raichu, meow!). Now I’m just faffing around trying to get a Beldum to get into a damned Pokéball, the elusive bastid that it is. Wish me luck, okay? Or that, at least, complaining to my corner of the Internet forces it to comply. *whistles*

And then there’s the usual poking at other games beyond that ’cause I can’t do one thing at a time. Obviously. And all of it is a distraction from my knitting, as I’m not completely convinced that the effort I’ve put into my first sock is going to be wearable on my fatty calves. I’m thinking I might pull it off and redo it all a needle size up. It would probably be prudent to do *sighs* more gauge squares and see.

Right, I’m off.


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