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img_20161206_194453587Back in the days when I was a console gamer, because it was console or nothing in the home. The console of choice was the Nintendo Entertainment Center, in part because we weren’t rich enough for a Sega, and in part because I had played it at the babysitter’s house and I thought it would be a good family gift. My parents tried to dither on whether or not Santa could actually afford one, but even at five I wasn’t buying that. They worked for electronics stores, and that came with a staff discount. Don’t as me how I knew that at five, but I did. *chuckles*

While I am now 99.9% a PC gamer because I have the choice, it’s really freaking awesome to have the Nintendo Classic Mini. I get to share some of my childhood favourites with my family; pictured here is Smallhausen trying her hand at Super Mario Bros for the first time (Z used to play it at the arcade). Suffices to say, she died a lot in her short turn. But that’s okay. I hope she’ll take it on the chin and try some more.

As for me, I took a second to dip my toe into Super Mario Bros 3. I wiped the floor with most of World 1 before wandering off to do this. I can’t help but be amused that the reflexes are still there from like, 20+ years ago. Plus yanno, get to show off a tiny bit. It’s nice. 😀

Past that, just work and light gaming. I feel like I sort of fogged out through most of the day, which is fine. It was doing the same thing outside. Stuff got done, the day passed, and yadda yadda yadda. And I’m going to get back to doing the things, namely the Pokéthing. *nodnods*


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